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9 Things About Hollywood Classic Some Like It Hot You May Not Know



The making of the film classic Some Like It Hot which starred Marilyn Monroe alongside cross dressing Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon is the stuff of Hollywood legend. Among the tales to come from the set are…

Monroe needed over 80 takes for the line “Where’s that bourbon?” An exasperated Wilder taped the line to the drawer she opened. At the next take, she opened the wrong drawer so he had it taped into each and every drawer.

The film is shot in black and white because the Curtis and Lemmon’s ‘girl’ make-up showed up as green in colour.

Curtis, as Junior, took off Cary Grant’s accent, who, on seeing the film, said, “I don’t talk like that!” Generations of fans disagree.

When Daphne announces her engagement to Osgood to Josephine, their lines are interspersed by Daphne’s bursts of maraca-shaking – these were inserted by Wilder, who didn’t want the anticipated laughs covering back-and-forth gags.

The famous last line, “Well, nobody’s perfect” was written by Diamond the night before shooting finished.


Curtis said kissing Monroe was like kissing Hitler, a comment he later retracted.

Among those first considered for the leading roles were Mitzi Gaynor, Danny Kaye and Bob Hope.


Raft makes two references to gangster films, once asking a hood where he got his ‘cheap’ coin-flicking trick, Raft’s very act in Scarface, and secondly pushing a grapefruit into one of his hood’s faces, a reference to James Cagney in Public Enemy.

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