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All Our Saturdays: A Real Break For Roy



In the Rugby League comedy series ALL OUR SATURDAYS (ITV, 8.30pm) Roy Holder appears wearing a plaster cast. It’s a real plaster cast, for 26-year-old Roy, who played a sports reporter in the first episode, broke his leg in a charity football match. He was in hospital for three weeks, so his broken leg was quickly written into the script and he was written out of later programmes.

Roy’s leg is still in plaster, and he has to hobble about on crutches. But he is remarkably cheerful, although he has also had to turn down a batch of lucrative commercials. Roy, a former Old Vic actor, always had an ambition to play for Aston Villa (he comes from the Midlands) and is already arranging to play in charity football games later in the year. – Kenneth Hughes in Daily Mirror, Wednesday 21 Feb 1973.

All Our Saturdays was a short lived 1973 sitcom made by Yorkshire TV for the ITV Network. Diana Dors played factory owner Big D Dorkins who takes over the running of her firms rugby league team. The cast also included Tony Caunter, Anthony Jackson, John Comer and Roy Holder of course.