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Australian Survivor 2023 Heroes – “Benjamin Law”



Australian Survivor 2023 Heroes - Benjamin Law

Author, broadcast journalist, writer/creator of TV series The Family Law, outspoken supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community, and Survivor superfan, “Benjamin Law” is the epitome of the slashie.

He has followed Australian Survivor since it first aired and is entering the game as a “Hero” saying, “Being a Hero is such an advantage. First of all, you’re with a tribe whose heroic qualities are obvious whether it be the size of their brains, the size of their hearts, or the size of their courage. I also think it’s an advantage as a new player coming in as a Hero because people are going to underestimate what you’re capable of doing.”

Ben recognizes that he is not the strongest, but he is scrappy, and he thinks that his follow platers will not see his game coming as he uses his journalistic talents to discover facts and his natural warm disposition to play a powerful social game.

Though he has the heroic spirit of a hero, Ben is ready to play dirty if necessary. He says, “I hope I bring certain values into the game like integrity but at the same time, as a storyteller I want all the complexities and I know that villainous people are capable of heroic acts, and you might see the Heroes capable of very villainous moves too. There’s part of me that obviously wants the Heroes to win, who doesn’t love seeing someone lift up their sword in victory.”

Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains 2023 Premieres soon on Channel 10 and 10 Play.