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Australian Survivor 2023 Heroes – “Flick Palmateer”



Australian Survivor 2023 Heroes – “Flick Palmateer”

Flick Palmateer, a big-wave surfer and former finalist on Australian Survivor: Brains vs. Brawn, is coming back for the win this time. There’s more than one explanation for why as she says, “Finally I get to play Survivor on an island! It’s very on-brand for me, the outback was not. I’m way more in my element here.”

Flick’s mother died halfway through filming, and she said it was the toughest thing she’s ever gone through. Despite this, Flick became renowned as a courageous and strong-willed protagonist, and she finished third in her series. But with encouragement from her loved ones, she persisted and ultimately triumphed. She says, “Last time I played, I had the weight of the world on my shoulders, and I still came third. This time I’m back, stronger than ever, and I’m ready to win.”

Flick presently holds the record for the largest wave surfed by an Australian female and is ranked second in the world on the big wave world tour. She wants to bring the same fearlessness she feels when staring down the lip of a 50-foot wave into the action.

Playing as a Hero, Flick says, “What really grinds my gears about the Villains is probably the manipulation side of things. The lying, the cheating – I can’t stand it. It’s most definitely time for a Hero to win this game.”

Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains 2023 airs Sunday to Wednesday on Channel 10 and 10 Play.