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The Blake’s 7 Character Guide



Blake’s 7 was the hugely popular Terry Nation created BBC scifi drama of the late 1970s that starred Gareth Thomas as Roj Blake, leader of a group of rebel outlaws in the far future who were out to bring down the despicable Federation.

It’s still one of our most popular classic shows here at Memorable TV so here then is our handy cut out and keep guide to the main characters from the serie.

The Original Crew:
Blake: (Gareth Thomas) Earth native. Crime: trying to overthrow the Federation. Punishment: At first, mindwiped and put on trial, made to confess error of his ways, rebellion fizzled. Later, after being recruited by new rebellion, framed for a serious crime and sentenced to life imprisonment on Cygnus Alpha. Highly trusting and idealistic.

Avon: (Paul Darrow) Earth native. Crime: embezzlement. Tried to break the Federation. banking cartel. Galaxy’s second best computer programmer (the first was the person who caught him). Had psychopathic tendencies, which worsened as show continued, especially in fourth season. Enlisted in attempt for freedom from prison ship London by Blake.

Vila: (Michael Keating) Earth native. Crime: theft. Vila is a chronic thief and alcoholic. Met Blake while waiting in holding cell for trip to Cygnus Alpha (Vila was in the process of liberating Blake’s watch). Terrible coward, but very intelligent at times.

Jenna: (Sally Knyvette) Crime: smuggling. Also met Blake while waiting to go to Cygnus Alpha. Had great fondness for Blake.

Gan: (David Jackson) Crime: murder. Killed the Federation guard who had attacked his girlfriend. Has limiter implant that prevents him from violence. Friend of Vila’s from prison ship London.

Cally: (Jan Chappell) Auron native. Guerrilla fighter. Telepathic (can only send to other life forms, two way with other Aurons). Was only survivor of an anti-Federation guerrilla mission, and could not return to her world due to her failure to complete the mission. Liked Blake & believed in his cause, so joined crew.

Zen: (Voiced by Peter Tuddenham) Alien computer that runs the Liberator’s functions. Zen’s primary duty is to preserve the ship, and will do so to the point of rejecting orders which are certain to result in the ship’s destruction.

Blake's 7 Glynis Barber

Glynis Barber as Soolin.

Tarrant: (Steven Pacey) Ex-Federation starship pilot. Stole a Federation ship and found the Liberator in the wake of the Galactic War. Having nowhere else to go, joined crew. Very impulsive and headstrong.

Dayna: (Josette Simon) Earth native. Father offended Federation somehow, was in exile. Weapons specialist extraordinare. Has blood feud with/Servalan, who murdered her father.

Soolin: (Glynis Barber) Joins crew after death of Dorian, orginal owner of Scorpio. Excellent gunmaster, also has blood feud with Federation. Semi-assassin.

Orac: (Voice of Peter Tuddenham) Galaxy’s most powerful (if ornery) computer. Has a carrier wave capability that can link with and control other computer systems across light years of space. Would much rather spend time contemplating the mysteries of the Universe than helping mere mortals.

Slave: (also voiced by Peter Tuddenham) Master computer of the Scorpio. Very meek, and has severe inferiority complex. Can be very humorous at times.

Blake's 7 Jacqueline Pearce

Jacqueline Pearce as Servalan

The Bad Guys:
The Federation: Very Big-Brotherish. Earth and all the other planets ruled by the Federation are controlled by drugged air, food, water, and nothing is done without approval from the Federation. See George Orwell’s “1984” for a good idea of what life is like in this time period.

Servalan: (Jacqueline Pearce) The most evil person in the Galaxy. Has ceaselessly worked her way up the Federation hierarchy through double-crossing, backstabbing, and murder. Will stop at nothing until she achieves total rule of the galaxy.

Travis: (Stephen Grief and then Brian Croucher) Servalan’s right hand man. Has blood-feud with Blake, who nearly killed him. Arm was destroyed when Blake fired upon him; it has been replaced by a robotic arm with an embedded blaster gun.