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Broadchurch: Series Creator Chris Chibnall Talks Season 2




The hugely anticipated second season of Broadchurch begins on ITV on 5 January 2015 and here we let series Chris Chibnall tell us why we can’t miss it.

Hello, remember us? We started life as a little show that nobody had heard of. Then, after a few Monday nights on ITV in 2013, we started being talked about all over the place. It’s been a whirlwind.

But our focus has always been: what happens next. In the time we’ve been off air, we’ve never stopped working on the show’s return.

I knew, from the start, that there was another story to tell in the world of Broadchurch: so much so that I’d pitched it to Peter Fincham, Director of Television at ITV, in our very first meeting when he greenlit the first series of the show.

That’s the story you’ll be seeing soon. But be prepared: series 2 is a different journey, it has a different shape and energy, a different rhythm. It’s a new story, and there’s a different engine under the bonnet this year. (That’s as far as I go with car analogies, don’t panic). Some characters from series one return: others don’t. And there’s a set of new characters for you to get to know.

Which means wonderful new actors joining our ensemble: the extraordinary Charlotte Rampling appearing on ITV for the first time, Oscar-nominee Marianne Jean-Baptiste lured back from LA (from the West Coast of the US to the South West coast of England!). Eve Myles, who I wrote for in two seasons of Torchwood, and the wonderful Meera Syal, James D’Arcy and others besides.

Who are they playing? What are their characters’ names? How do they fit into the show? All will be revealed.

Just not quite yet. When the show airs, on Monday 5 January at 9pm. We’re keeping our lips as tightly sealed as possible until then.

We’re doing this because we loved how audiences connected with, and responded to, Broadchurch the first time round. We know we’ll never replicate the way the first series took hold but nonetheless we’re doing our best to ensure our story goes unrevealed, and the audience can remain unspoilered, until it’s broadcast on ITV. We’d like everyone to see the pieces fall into place (and they will) when you watch episode one on that Monday night. And for people to find out – as much as possible – together, at the same time.

Plus, we have an extra component this year. After each episode, a new short story, written by Erin Kelly (author of the Broadchurch novel) will be available as an ebook single. We’ve been working on these alongside the series: each story will focus on a character from this series of Broadchurch. Put together the eight stories will make up a collection.

We think this is the first time something like this has been done – a chance for the audience to go deeper into the characters, released as the series is transmitting.

We can’t wait to welcome you back to Broadchurch. There’s going to be lots to talk about.