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Classic Episodes: The Larry Sanders Show – Everybody Loves Larry



The Larry Sanders Show

Another look at a classic TV episode from the vaults, here it’s the turn of much loved 1990’s sitcom The Larry Sanders Show.

Larry (Garry Shandling) is convinced that upcoming guest David Duchovny has a crush on him. When D.D. sends him a jacket emblazoned “The Truth Is Out There,” Larry panics — until he realizes it’s The X-Files’ motto. Duchovny, deftly toying with his leading-man status, continues to send mixed signals and progressively unnerve Larry.

Finally, Larry confronts his guest, who says he’s sorry, he wishes he were gay because he finds Larry so attractive. The truth is out there: “Everybody Loves Larry,” which also features a subplot about Hank (Jeffrey Tambor) feuding with singer Elvis Costello over a sports car, is a standout, even by Sanders’ perfect-pitch standards.

“I’m supposed to be this racing-car guy,” says Costello, “but I didn’t even learn to drive a car till I was 35, which I know is completely unbelievable to Americans: Don’t you learn to drive when you’re, like, 9?”

Original Airdate: November 13, 1996