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Classic Episodes: Taxi – Reverend Jim: Space Odyssey



In this classic episode of sitcom Taxi “Reverend Jim” Ignatowski, played by Christopher Lloyd is a remnant of the ’60s who’s eaten one magic mushroom too many, is sitting at the bar in Mario’s. Bobby (Jeff Conaway) comes up to him and says, “Hey, Jim, my friends and I were wondering if you’d like to come over and join us.” Jim replies, “What did you decide?”

Reverend Jim: Space Odyssey is a rolling snowball of laughs. First the cabbies have to persuade Louie DePalma (Danny DeVito) to take Jim on. Louie takes one look at the wild-eyed ex-hippie and says, “Get him outta here!” But Jim slips a tranquilizer into Louie’s coffee, and the pint-size tyrant of Sunshine Cab Co. is soon crooning, “We were sailing along…on Moonlight Bay.…” Reverend Jim is in. All he has to do now is take a driver’s test. He sits down, reads the first question, knits his brow, and whispers to the waiting cabbies, “What does a yellow light mean?” “Slow down!” Bobby whispers back. “OK,” says Jim, “what…does…a…yellow…light…mean?”

Original Airdate: September 25, 1979