Classic Episodes: The Outer Limits – The Zanti Misfits

In “The Zanti Misfits,” our military forces have cordoned off a California ghost town awaiting the arrival of a spacecraft from the planet Zanti. The leaders of that world have decided that Earth is the perfect place to exile their undesirables. They threaten “total destruction” if their penal ship is molested. But a bank robber on the lam (Bruce Dern) crosses the cordon and approaches the Zanti ship, triggering an ugly jailbreak. Earth’s nervous soldiers launch an anti-Zanti attack, killing all the aliens — and fearfully awaiting the expected reprisal. Instead, they get a message of thanks from the Zanti leaders. It seems they can’t execute their own kind, so they sent them to the experts on killing — us.

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Original Airdate: 30 December 1963

Season 1, Episode 14

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