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Classic TV Episodes: Blackadder The Third – Dish and Dishonesty



Dish and Dishonesty the opening episode of the superbly funny Blackadder The Third was a joy from start to finish. With the death of MP Talbot Buxomly, Blackadder and Prince George are forced to put forward a man with with no brain, one Mr S. Baldrick, as candidate for the Dunny on the Wold by election.

It is of course a rotten borough (or as George puts it a ‘robber button’) and Blackadder fixes the result by making sure the previous electorate accidentally brutally cuts his head off while shaving.

A terrific cameo by the late political commentator Vincent Hanna added to the affair – especially when he bade good evening to Colin the Dachsund. Baldrick earned a healthy majority over 12 year-old Pitt the Even Younger after Blackadder had explained: ‘We’ll base our campaign on issues rather than personalities.’ Why? ‘Because our candidate doesn’t have a personality.’

Original Air Date: 17 September 1987