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Classic TV Moments: Comic Strip, Strike – Pacino At The Commons



The Comic Strip’s tour de force with Peter Richardson as Al Pacino as Arthur Scargill in a warped Hollywood take on the miners’ strike.

In order to prevent a gang of militant tendency miners led by Dutch (Robbie Coltrane) blowing up Sellafield, Scargill takes a chopper and rides frantically to London to appeal for the last time to parliament. The House of Commons has to be seen to be believed with Ronald Allen (once David Hunter in Crossroads) as the Prime Minister leading a frock coated government overseen by Rik Mayall as the Abe Lincoln-esque Speaker.

Pacino makes one of those classic stand up for the little men speeches as seen in Mister Deeds Goes to Washington and Britain is saved from apocalypse. Completely absurd but totally brilliant.