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Classic TV Moments: Dad’s Army – Don’t Tell Him, Pike



Taken from the first episode of series six, The Deadly Attachment, the Walmington-on-Sea Home Guard platoon are assigned to guard the surviving members of a German U-boat who have been adrift in a dinghy.

According to the British commander the Germans shouldn’t give them too much trouble, but unfortunately the escort is delayed and they face the prospect of keeping the impressively youthful and strong submariners under armed guard overnight.

It represented everything that British people have ever wanted to believe about the war – that it was a test of Aryan strength and efficiency against the frail but plucky British. This, of course, overlooks the imperial might of Britain at the time.

The measured build up is a treasure as Mainwaring and the ‘surly brute’ of a German captain (Philip Madoc) indulge in a war of words, Walker takes the order for fish and chips, and Sergeant Wilson observes in that airy fairy manner of his that the Germans are awfully well disciplined.