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Classic TV Revisited: McCloud with Dennis Weaver



Moustachioed cop who brought his wholesome country style (including a stetson, sheepskin jacket and cowboy boots) to big city policing.

Starred charismatic Dennis Weaver whose film credits include Steven Spielberg’s first film Duel.

Why was it so good?
Dennis Weaver rode a horse through New York and inspired hits like Due South.

What was it all about?
Deputy Marshall Sam McCloud arrived in New York on the trail of an escaped prisoner. Having collared his man, he decided to prolong his visit to study city policing – so different to his usual beat in Taos, New Mexico.

Country boy corrupted by the big city?
Working with the 27th Precinct he remained true to his roots, treating the Big Apple like the Wild West. He even sometimes saddled up on his horse to trot through his Manhattan beat.

The show was based around 1968 movie Coogan’s Bluff starring Clint Eastwood. It began as a pilot called Who Killed Miss USA (changed to Who Killed Merri-Ann when it aired as part of ITV’s Mystery Movie series).

Cases echoed westerns. Cattle rustling at the meat market, banks robbed by villains dressed as cowboys were the sort of thing.

Didn’t take itself too seriously then?
Had a humorous, tongue-in-cheek feel