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Classic TV Revisited: Police Woman with Angie Dickinson



Police Woman was a 1970’s Crime drama starring Angie Dickinson

Angie Dickinson was hot stuff as Pepper Anderson, a sexy cop with millions of male fans

Probably TV’s sexiest female cop of the seventies.

Why was it so good?
Angie Dickinson was the only reason why viewers – most of them men – watched in their millions for four years.

Was Angie arresting?
Ratings seemed to rise when Angie swopped her uniform for mini-skirts and fishnets.

How did it begin?
It was a spin-off of established US series Police Story. In the pilot, Angie Dickinson was cop Lisa Beaumont but for the series she became Suzanne “Pepper” Anderson.

Why Pepper?
Was she allergic to salt? No-one seems to know but the spicy plots in which our blonde, divorced heroine had to go undercover as a stripper or prostitute didn’t go down well with ’70s feminists.

Was it realistic?
It was set on the seamy streets of Los Angeles and it had its gritty moments.

Was there much gunplay?
Plenty as it was LA. Angie Dickinson got caught up in a real-life gun battle in which an armed man was killed as she researched her role with US cops.

Who else was in it?
Charles Dierkop, who had an incredibly bashed-up nose, was Det Pete Royster. It also starred Earl Holliman and Ed Bernard.

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