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Game of Thrones and the ways Jon Snow may not be dead



After Games of Thrones’ season five finale aired (and we’d all stopped screaming obscenities at the TV), the question “is Jon Snow dead?” quickly became “how will Jon Snow come back?’ (Because he’s got to come back, right? Right?)

Not since Sherlock jumped off a roof has the internet had so much sleuthing to do, and it has taken the task very seriously indeed. Here are some of the most prevalent theories for how Jon Snow will evade death. Because what do we say to death? All together now: “Not today.”

Melisandre will resurrect him
The most common by a long way is that the Red Priestess, who returned to Castle Black with Davos just in time for Jon’s murder, will bring him back with blood magic.

Jon comes back, but as for his soul… 
Beric Dondarrion, last seen in season three, has been resurrected multiple times, but less of him comes back each time.

Someone else is inhabiting his body
A popular theory has Jon coming back as something – or someone – else.

Jon comes back as Azor Ahai
A key figure in Melisandre’s religion, Azor Ahai is the mythical hero who once defeated the Others, and is prophesised to return one day.


Jon is Ghost
We know Bran is a warg, capable of transferring his consciousness into animals (and even humans). Could his brother Jon be one too?

Davos is more important than we realise
“Davos is in a similar situation to Thoros when he first resurrected Beric,” suggests RedditorRedPenguinGaming. “He doesn’t believe in the Lord of Light and he prayed out of desperation. I think Davos will do the same when he hears about Jon’s death.”

He’ll come back as a White Walker
Season six may well just give us zombie Jon Snow, which, while fun to begin with, will soon get boring.

Jon’s back but as Stark not Snow
Stannis offered to legitimise him and make him a Stark, but Jon turned him down in favour of remaining true to the Night’s Watch.

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