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Gene Tierney, Hollywood Icon of the 1940’s




Gene Tierney is one of the great stars of 1940’s Hollywood, not a name that immediately springs to mind these days when one thinks of the great movie stars but she was nominated for an Oscar for 1945’s Leave Her To Heaven and starred in some huge popular successes.

Her big breakthroughs came with Heaven Can Wait in 1943 and Laura in 1944 and the already mentioned Leave Her To Heaven after that there was no looking back with roles in movie such as Dragonwyck, The Razors Edge and The Ghost and Mrs Muir.


The Brooklyn born actress who started out on stage had some personal problems during the early 1950’s (including coping with the birth of a severely disabled child) and in the mid 1950’s suffered a complete mental breakdown which led to being admitted to a mental institution and having to undergo many bouts of shock treatment.

After a period of recuperation and an ill advised attempt at a job in a clothes shop she made a small comeback in the early 1960’s. By this stage she had married oil magnate W. Howard Lee (who had previously been married to Hedy Lamarr) and films took a back seat.


Tierney was born 19 November 1920 and died 6 November 1991.




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