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Gerry Anderson’s UFO – vision of the future or just plain bonkers



Gerry Anderson has always played fast and loose with the future settings of his TV shows but none more so than his 1970’s live action classic UFO where he envisioned that just ten years hence we’d all be wearing purple wigs and silver mini-skirts (well the women anyway!)

In Anderson’s version of 1980 the Earth is under attack from aliens and we have developed not only undersea aircraft launchers and defence satellite systems but also a complete base on the Moon – which is where all the glittery wigs and outfits come in – Anderson claimed it was for the effect under the studio lights, his wife Sylvia claimed that she was certain wigs would be part of the military uniform. No one was particularly bothered because the girls, who included Gabrielle Drake, looked gorgeous.

Meanwhile he may have been a few years out but Anderson was on the money with other futuristic ideas – not least in-car phones, voice identification and space shuttle style launches.