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Marvel’s Agent Carter: What’s new in season 2



With less than a week to go before the season two premiere of Marvel’s Agent Carter on the ABC, what can we expect from the new episodes.

The biggest change will see Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) heading to Hollywood where she will find plenty of new enemies amongst the rich and the beautiful, ostensibly she is sent to LA in the season opener to investigate a bizarre murder case, joining forces with Chief Daniel Sousa of the West Coast SSR. Once there she begins to uncover a veritable hornets nest that will have deadly repercussions for many of those around her.

Original cast members James D’Arcy, Chad Michael Murray and Bridget Regan are back whilst Wynn Everett (as Madame Masque), Lotte Verbeek (from Outlander), Currie Graham and Reggie Austin will all be appearing in the second season.

The season kicks off with a two hour double bill on ABC, 19 January. We can’t wait!

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