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Top 10 Classic Doctor Who villains



Doctor Who TopTen Villains The Master

As much as we love new Doctor Who it’s the classic series return to whenever we think about classic villains associated with the show. So it’s time to face our fears and look back on the top ten villains who made original Who so glorious.

Doctor Who TopTen Villains The Autons

At 10: The Autons
Terrifying plastic mannequins! Well, they didn’t look as absurd as the Yeti, at least. And they certainly deserve a place here as the first Doctor Who villains we saw in colour.

Doctor Who TopTen Villains The Rani

At 9: The Rani
Doctor Who’s resident femme fatale, the Rani deserves our fury (for causing the Sixth Doctor’s regeneration) and our sympathy (for having to put up with the Seventh Doctor’s ‘hilarious’ wackiness).

Doctor Who TopTen Villains Black Guardian

At 8: The Black Guardian
He’s an incredibly powerful, incredibly evil demi-god who almost manipulates Turlough into killing the Doctor. He also has a really, really bad haircut.

Doctor Who TopTen Villains Borusa

At 7: Borusa
Corrupt Time Lord and Russ Abbot lookalike whose need for immortality drove him to kidnapping the first five Doctors. He also enjoyed playing with his very own set of Doctor Who toy figures. Did he get those from eBay?

Doctor Who TopTen Villains Sontarans

At 6: The Sontarans
Yes, they’re ceaselessly vicious and bent on killing everything, but the scariest thing about your average Sontaran is his head, which is the shape and hue of a giant potato.

Doctor Who TopTen Villains Davros

At 5: Davros
You had to feel sorry for dour old Davros. Unbearably ugly and unable to walk, the father of the Daleks had to put up with his ungrateful children trying to kill him all the time. That, and the Sixth Doctor’s jokes.

Doctor Who TopTen Villains Raston Warrior Robot

At 4: Raston Warrior Robot
His efficient execution of the Cybermen was a highlight of ‘The Five Doctors’. Never mind that he looked like a weedy man in a fencing outfit; when this Robot massacres things, he does it with style.

Doctor Who TopTen Villains The Cybermen

At 3: The Cybermen
Humourless, lumbering and a bit thick, the charisma-free Cybermen did at least have great strength on their side. And were they the inspiration for Star Trek’s Borg?

Doctor Who TopTen Villains The Master

At 2: The Master
Ah, the Moriarty to the Doctor’s Holmes. By turns a gentleman rogue and cackling psychopath, he’d probably be quite insulted to know he wasn’t the number one villain. But let’s face it: the top spot was only ever going to go to…

Doctor Who TopTen Villains The Daleks

At 1: The Daleks
Metal-clad mutants, remorseless killers, British institution. Come in a variety of exciting colours. Tend to repeat themselves a lot. Undisputed champions of intergalactic villainy. Look a bit like dustbins.



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