TV Titans: Lee Majors



An occasional series looking at some true Titans of TV. Their characters are legend: Woodward. Austin. Tanna. Little Joe. But the importance of the fictional pales in comparison to that of the near-mythical actors and actresses who breathed life into the roles. Their shows seldom were Emmy-winning, but their work was seen in your household if you owned a set at the time, their names known to you. We salute TV’s true stalwarts — those with the constitution to make it to the set year after year, show after show.

Our first TV icon is Lee Majors.

Notable contributions:
Raven, Tour of Duty, The Fall Guy, The Six Million Dollar Man, Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law, The Virginian

TV Titans Lee Majors

TV Titan Lee Majors in The Fall Guy.

Memorable traits:
That arm, those legs, that eye. And that thoughtfully raised eyebrow, unequaled (with the possible exception of Leonard Nimoy’s) for its range of mute expressiveness: “I question that.” “Good dog, Max.” “I’m walloping five men with a Chevy van and that’s all right with me.” “Leave, Bigfoot.”

Staying power:
How could audiences not love a man who put Farrah Fawcett on the Hollywood map, never got rattled and sang his own theme song (The Fall Guy)

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