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Who’s Who on BBC One’s New Version of Poldark



Poldark, which begins soon on BBC-1 is sure to be a major hit, a massive fan base of both the novels and the BBC’s much loved 1970’s version is already champing at the bit to see this new version and it should also capture quite a bit of the Outlander/Romantic Period saga audience too. Check out our guide to who’s who on the new series.

ROSS POLDARK (Aidan Turner)

A man of contradictions, Ross has a strong sense of social justice but a contempt for authority. Reckless yet full of integrity. Charismatic but down-to-earth. Volatile yet fiercely loyal. Torn between two women and two social classes. A hero to most, a scourge to many.

DEMELZA CARNE (Eleanor Tomlinson)

The only daughter of an impoverished, brutal and alcoholic miner, Demelza is rescued from a life of violence by Ross who employs her as his kitchen maid. Outspoken and fiercely independent, her lively mind makes her thirst for knowledge. Her blossoming beauty goes unnoticed by Ross – at first!



From humble beginnings as blacksmiths, the Warleggans have strived to become one of the wealthiest and most powerful families in Cornwall. George is an ambitious young banker who will stop at nothing to make a profit, even if it means seeing his closest friends financially ruined.



Elizabeth once promised herself to Ross, but after three years and rumours of his death, she agreed to marry Francis. When Ross returns, she is deeply tormented by long buried feelings. Desperate to remain true to Francis, Elizabeth can’t help but feel she may be marrying the wrong Poldark…



Born into wealth, Francis stands to inherit the greater Poldark estate. However, he is not as capable as his father or his cousin and struggles to take over the running of Grambler mine. Keenly aware of his inferiority to Ross – his wife’s true love – he turns to gambling and drink.



Verity has been a dutiful daughter, but Ross’ return finally allows her an opportunity to venture into society. At a dance she falls in love with Captain Andrew Blamey, whose dark past does not meet her family’s approval. Verity seems destined to live life as a lonely spinster.


An imposing man whose presence fills any room, Charles is the elder statesman of the Poldark family. He longs for his son Francis to be more like his nephew Ross, but privately concedes that Francis lacks the gumption and aptitude to take over the family business.

DWIGHT ENYS (Luke Norris)

Dwight is a young, dedicated and handsome doctor who remains naive with women. He is passionate about the neglect many of his patients suffer and he is filled with new scientific ideas that challenge the quackery of established medical men.

CAPTAIN ANDREW BLAMEY (Richard Harrington)

A successful sea captain known for his volatile temper, which tragically resulted in the accidental death of his wife and unborn child. Now a reformed alcoholic, he worships Verity, but faces stern opposition from Charles and Francis who consider him likely to drag the Poldark name through the mud.

AUNT AGATHA (Caroline Blakiston)

The matriarch of the Poldark family, Aunt Agatha may be in her nineties with little of her hearing and none of her teeth left, but she is as shrewd and outspoken as she ever was.


JUD (Phil Davis) and PRUDIE PAYNTER (Beatie Edney)

Jud and Prudie were Ross’ father’s servants and friends, but they are drunken, lazy and not averse to stealing from their master’s drinks cabinet. Ross keeps them on in recognition of their relationship with his late father, but it is a struggle to get them to pull their weight.

ZACKY MARTIN (Tristan Sturrock)

Zacky is one of few in the mining community who can read and is well respected amongst his peers. He is older than Ross, but they are old friends and he is proud to be able to work at Wheal Leisure where he gains a trusted position.

JIM CARTER, MARK DANIEL, PAUL DANIEL (Alexander Arnold, Matthew Wilson and Ed Browning)

Ross’ friends from before the war, they would often get into scrapes together, mostly a bit of smuggling. Ross believes that they will always see him as gentry – a landlord to doff their caps to – but they are actually loyal and devoted friends.

CAPTAIN HENSHAWE (John Hollingworth)

Henshawe is a well-respected mine captain who has worked his way up through the ranks. A calm and pragmatic man, he worked for Ross’ father at Wheal Leisure and confidently backs Ross in his gambit to re-open her.

HARRIS PASCOE (Richard Hope)

Pascoe is a kindly banker who has a long history with Ross and his father. His bank is much smaller than Warleggans, but he works hard in his clients’ best interests and would be loathe to let any of them fall into bankruptcy, especially Ross, who he considers a good friend.

Dr CHOAKE (Robert Daws)

The snobbish local doctor who considers himself above the lower classes that cannot pay him enough for his services. He focuses on working for the wealthy and is a firm advocate of leeches and bleeding and does not approve of Dwight Enys’ modern methods. He is also a stakeholder in Wheal Leisure.


George’s uncle and the devil on his shoulder, he presses George to make increasingly callous business decisions. Cary maintains a coarse edge that betrays his working class upbringing and can be an acute embarrassment to George.

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