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Eric Deacon: Z Cars – Mysteries



Eric Deacon played Terry Armstrong in this episode of Z Cars. The episode was titled Mysteries, it was the third episode of season nine and was broadcast on BBC One on 30 September 1974.

Show Info: Crime drama series. Long running and very popular police procedure series following a group of PC’s and Detectives in a fictional Liverpool suburb.

Episode Info: Guard Ossie Davies works in security. He’s a soft touch. You simply take his glasses off, make a few threats, and help yourself. Miller, however, believes Ossie is more complex than that.

The episode was written by Tony Perrin and directed by Brian McDuffie.

The rest of the cast was Geoffrey Whitehead (Detective Sergeant Miller), Allan O’Keefe (Police Constable Render), Emma Jean Richards, Ken Jones, Bernadette Milnes, Ralph Watson, Anthony Wingate, Malcolm Knight, Maria Charles