Escape Into Night (ITV 1972, Vikki Chambers, Sonia Graham)

Escape Into Night (ITV 1972, Vikki Chambers, Sonia Graham)

In well remembered children's fantasy drama serial Escape Into Night, a young girl suffers nightmare visions of a strange world.

Based on Catherine Storr's novel Marianne Dreams (which was also filmed in the 1980's as Playhouse) which featured the story of a young girl who's drawings become reality while she sleeps.

Like a lot of children's TV of the period the series master tapes were wiped and it now only exists as black and white telerecordings that were made for overseas sale.

Aired From: 19 April - 24 May 1972

crew details

  • Writer: Ruth Boswell
    Novel: Marianne Dreams by Catherine Starr
    Graphics: Geoff Pearson
    Production Design: Don Davidson

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production info

  • Year of Release: 1972
  • Country: UK | ITV - ATV
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 6x30 minutes

Edmund Pegge

Dr Burton

Patricia Maynard

Miss Chesterfield

Sonia Graham

Mrs Austen

Vikki Chambers