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Barbara La Marr



Never commonly accepted as a great actress, Barbara La Marr nonetheless had a dominating screen charisma. Coupled with her extraordinary beauty this led to star status and strong adulation from the fans.

Life had not been easy and it took some time for Hollywood to accept her. She had several brief, unhappy marriages. She became a professional dancer and then turned to writing screenplays.

Public recognition came after her performance in Cinderella of the Hills and her best film The Prisoner of Zenda. But she is best known as a heady vamp – a very wicked mixture of sex and cruelty in the mid-twenties.

Barbara La Marr

Her unsettled career and stormy private life – six marriages in all – were brought to an end in 1926 by a drug overdose (she had long been an addict) at the age of just 29.

key films
1920: Harriet and the Piper
1921: The Three Musketeers, Cinderella of the Hills
1922: The Prisoner of Zenda; Trifling Women
1923: Poor Men’s Wives; Souls lor Sale; The Eternal City
1924: The Shooting of Dan McGrew; The While Moth
1925: The White Monkey
1926: The Girl From Montmartre