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Bobby Troup, got his kicks on route 66



Bobby Troup grew up in a very musical household, so it’s no coincidence that he began his career there. As a young Marine, he went to New York and began working as a writer for bandleader, Tommy Dorsey. After serving as a captain, Troup decided that he wanted to pursue songwriting and took a road trip to Los Angeles. On the way, he penned a little ditty called “Route 66,” which became a pop standard.

It wasn’t long before the tunesmith became an actor, initially much sought-after for roles as musicians. He went on to be a regular panelist on Musical Chairs in 1955 and was the host of his own music program, Stars of Jazz, in 1958. Troup also portrayed his former boss, Tommy Dorsey, in The Gene Krupa Story.

Bobby Troup

Bobby in 1970’s drama Emergency!

A number of less musical parts followed, including a role in the feature M*A*S*H, and the role of Dr. Early on Emergency! Troup went on to act in a couple of TV movies after Emergency! He was married to Emergency! costar Julie London for over 40 years until he passed away in February 1999.