David Farrar



During his life David Farrar managed to work his way to the top of two professions journalism and acting. Several successful West End shows gained him recognition as an actor as well as a few minor film roles, and he eventually secured a contract with Warner Brothers at Teddington Studios.

This rugged, swarthy actor, was tougher than previous leading men and he became a favourite with English audiences during the Forties, usually in films by Michael Powell. In the early Fifties he decided, unwisely, to look for wider fame in Hollywood and his career faded.

He’s less well remembered these days than he should be, he was a valuable player of 1940’s cinema.

He was born in 1908 in Forest Gate, London, England and died in 1995 in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

David Farrar in Headline

David in 1943 drama Headline…

His key films include…

1942: Return of a Stranger
1942: Went the Day Well!
1943: The Dark Tower, They Met in the Hark, Headline
1947: Black Narcissus
1949: The Small Back Room
1954: Lilacs in the Spring

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