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TV Legends: Milton Berle



Milton Berle

Milton Berle is considered by most to be television’s first superstar. He got his start as a comedian in New York, doing vaude- ville and night club acts. Berle began his career in TV in 1948 as the host of Texaco Star Theater.

Known affectionately as “Mr. Television,”‘ he became so popular that NBC signed him to a 30 year contract. At the end of his series’ eight year run, Berle continued to work in both television and film. He occasionally took dramatic roles, surprising his audience with a flair for serious acting.

Milton Berle

Milton on The Muppet Show

Other projects included a short-lived bowling show and an unsuccessful revival of his comedy series in the 1960s. Though he never achieved the heights of popularity he enjoyed in television’s early years, there will always be a soft spot in the hearts of classic TV viewers for ”Uncle Miltie.”