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Robson Green on More Tales From Northumberland Soon on ITV



Actor Robson Green returns to his home turf for a new series of Tales From Northumberland soon on ITV, which sees him lead viewers through a unique part of Britain that remains close to his heart. Here he talks about the series and why he is continually surprised by the majesty of Britain.

MemTV: What appealed to you about presenting another series and celebrating this area of Britain?
Robson:I knew there was lots more to explore and discover about an area I knew and loved well. The first series was so successful, I was so pleased with the reaction it got nationally.

If I can contribute in some way to helping Northumberland, that’ll be one of the proudest things I could be associated with.
There were all these things I knew that were out there that I wanted to tell the world about. I really wanted people to come along and see the best kept secret in England for themselves.

MemTV: What can viewers expect from the series?
Robson:There are so many wonderful experiences out there in Northumberland.
One moment I’m up close and personal with a pod of dolphins – huge, majestic, white-beaked dolphins. Some people would pay thousands and travel thousands of miles to see a sight that was on my doorstep.

The next moment, I’m celebrating one of the world’s engineering minds where they say modern living began.
It was the first house in the world to be powered by hydroelectricity. Armstrong turned a simple thing like water into energy and light. The team there now have brought Armstrong’s philosophy back to life. He’d be so proud that something he invented is being passed down from generation to generation.

Then the next moment I’m face to face with one of the rarest creatures on Earth, ‘the beast of Chillingham Castle’, aka Chillingham cattle. They’re rarer than the snow leopard and the Chinese panda. They have incredibly sharp horns and can run up to 30mph. If you get too close, they will kill you.

MemTV: What were your personal highlights from this series?
Robson:I think it was the dolphins, because it was such a shock. They were huge and there were hundreds of them. I’ve travelled the world, to over 100 countries, but to know that this sight is on my doorstop was a real shock and surprise.

MemTV: You get involved in all kinds of activities during filming, which was the most challenging?
Robson: When I tried my hand at Cumberland and Westmoreland Wrestling, I took on a 14 year old who put me to shame. I was not lettng him win, he genuinely beat me. I got knocked out in the first round by a 14 year old. I was devastated!