Adrian Hodges on The Musketeers Second Season



Adrian Hodges is the guiding light behind the BBC’s action adventure smash The Musketeers and season 2 will premiere on 2 January 2015 as one the BBC’s major new year highlights. Here Adrian explains what is in store in upcoming episodes.

So what’s changed between seasons?
Some things have changed, some things remain the same – the four boys, d’Artagnan, Athos, Porthos, and Aramis are still very much at the centre of the action, but now they have a new and deadly opponent – The Comte De Rochefort, played by Marc Warren.
We’re obviously thrilled to add an actor of Marc’s experience and quality to our brilliant cast and we think you will enjoy the dangerous journey he takes us on. His interaction with Tom, Luke, Howard and Santiago has been a pleasure to watch for me, as I hope it will be for you.

What will The Musketeers be getting involved with this time out?
More stunts, more action, a little humour and wit, and some romance in the mix, as before; but I think this is a more demanding journey than before, as we’ve upped the serial element and taken the show in a slightly tougher and perhaps more surprising direction. It’s everything you might expect but taken a degree or two further than last time. The tone remains the same but this is a darker and sexier Musketeers. I really hope you enjoy the ride.

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