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Aidan Turner and the Ross Poldark effect



It happened to Robin Ellis in the 1970’s and it has happened now to Aidan Turner. It’s the Ross Poldark effect in action. Turner’s role in the BBC’s sweeping period drama Poldark has turned him into a fully fledged star but as he tells Radio Times this week…

“I don’t read any press, I make it a thing. The odd time I might drop into the Mammoth offices [Poldark’s production company] in London, they might show me a column or something to make me laugh.

“But I don’t feed it, you know. I think I could easily get addicted to Googling myself if I did start doing it, so I just stay out of that entirely. It’s better not to know, sometimes.”

Turner appears to have a good grasp on reality too and feels he won’t let stardom change him.

“If you want your life to change, it can change, but if you don’t want it to change there are ways you can hold on to all of those things that matter.”

The final episode of the first season of Poldark airs this Sunday on BBC-1 at 9.00pm

Source: Radio Times