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Alma’s Not Normal | Interview with Nick Asbury (Jim)



Can you tell us a bit about your character and what attracted you to the script?

Jim is a very kind and loving toothless schizophrenic. He’s got multiple personalities, but the bottom line is that he and Lin are very together and very happy and sort of prop each other up. Who knows whether they’d be alive without each other! He’s a very quiet, lovely man really with many personalities and that’s what attracted me to the role. I think in the pilot he has four lines but he’s very much a presence there. It’s a really beautiful part to play and also to be surrounded by all those incredible women.

The pilot has had fantastic success, winning a Bafta, etc, what do you think resonated so much with people?

It’s real. All the characters may seem fantastical but they’re real actually and that’s the exciting, wonderful and scary thing about it. The great thing that Sophie’s managed to do is create a script that’s very Northern but also very accessible to everyone.

Do you have any standout memories from filming?

Where do I start? Every one of them. For me the scenes that I loved were in Joan’s living room in the house. You’ll find as you watch them it cuts back us just trying to exist, and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, like any family. Some of those scenes I just loved filming and we laughed and laughed. It was a very joyous set the whole thing, so to pick out one scene would be crazy really! Even though we’re talking about very serious issues in the series such as heroin addiction, prostitution, a child going in and out of care and the role of women over the last 60 years. These are big things going on yet it’s joyous, funny and warm and that’s the success of it for me.

How would you describe Alma’s Not Normal?

It’s very true, very funny and wonderfully northern.

What do you hope audiences take away?

Some laughter, some tears and thoughts about how people are growing up in care, and what society is doing to look after them.