Dancing On Ice: Interview – Drag Queen The Vivienne

The celebrity reality show Dancing on Ice airs on Sunday nights on ITV1 with 11 new celebrities showing off their ice skating skills. Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield are back as hosts. Drag Queen The Vivienne tells us why they signed up for the show and what they are most looking forward to.

Why have you decided to sign up for Dancing On Ice?
A new skill! I’ve always watched the show and thought ‘How amazing is it that the celebs pick it up so quickly?’ And I’ve wondered if I’ll be able to do that. I’m very competitive and I want to win. I want to show people a different side of me.

What are you most looking forward to?
I’m excited for the costumes. I’m used to glamorous costumes in my work but also the element of pushing myself. My mum is petrified! I’ve asked if she is going to come to a live show and watch and she’s like ‘I don’t know if I could watch!’

What do your family and friends think about you doing the show? Are they going to come down and watch the live shows?
My mum’s petrified and my husband’s nervous and he’s said ‘Please don’t break anything!’ One of my friends Jennifer Ellison did it and I keep seeing that video of her kicking herself. I can’t even touch my toes so there is no risk of me kicking myself in the head! Jennifer said we can go skating together. Everyone’s really excited – I’ve got a lot of support from my husband.

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Have you seen much of the previous series? Are there any standout moments that you would like to recreate?
I used to DJ every Saturday night years ago when the show was on. I used to sit and watch Dancing on Ice and just be in awe. Every time they’re flying – it’s my dream to fly like in the Mary Poppins routine. I’d love to do Wicked. I’m a big musical theatre geek – I’ve seen Mary Poppins like 12 times! I love themes like ‘icons’ because I love Cher and Dolly Parton – anything to do with impersonation, there’s just so many different elements to it.

Do you have any ice skating experience?
I’ve skated a few times so I can move a bit, as long as there’s a wall next to me that I can grab on! Stopping is not my strong point. When it comes into town at Christmas I’ll go with friends but nothing to this level or standard. Being lifted in the air or lifting people in the air, I hope I’ve got a strong partner!

Is this one of the scariest things you’ve ever done?
Yes! You’re being slung about on rock hard ice – the slipperiest surface ever with knives on your feet. It’s pretty dangerous.

What are you most scared or nervous about?
Getting kicked in the face. You could break anything but hopefully not!

Is there a celebrity you’d be nervous to compete with or anyone you’d love to see on the show alongside you?
I wish my friend Donna [Preston] who is on Apocalypse Wow was – I would love to be on it with her. Other drag queens too! I don’t want to be against anyone who is really flexible or really good at choreography or a great dancer because that is everything I am not.

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How do you think you will deal with criticism from the judging panel?
I should be alright with criticism as long as it’s fair. Otherwise, I’m not afraid to snap back!

What would you say are your strengths and weaknesses as you embark upon this challenge?
My strengths would be characterisation and movement. It’s one thing being able to dance and move but choreography is such a hard thing. Anything to do with characters and emotion is a strength but choreography was always my downfall on Drag Race – I’ll be nervous about that.

Do you have any other friends who have taken part in the show previously? Will you be reaching out to them for advice?
It’s only Jen that I’ve spoken to. She said I need to make sure that I get my flexibility up. Do lots of squats! And don’t overdo it with other work and be laser focused on the ice and don’t hurt myself.

Are you in it to win it?
Yes! I enter everything to try and win. I think when people say they didn’t do it to win, they’re the people who didn’t win! You’ve got to put things out into the universe.

Dancing On Ice airs Sunday nights at 6.30pm on ITV1.

Alastair James is the editor in chief for Memorable TV. He has been involved in media since his university days. Alastair is passionate about television, and some of his favourite shows include Line of Duty, Luther and Traitors. He is always on the lookout for hot new shows, and is always keen to share his knowledge with others.