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Drag Race UK Series 4 | Meet Sminty Drop



Sminty Drop, 23, Lancashire

Pronouns out of drag: She / Her 

Pronouns in drag: She / Her 

Tell us about yourself? 

I’m Sminty Drop, I’m 23 years old, I’m from a small town in the Lancashire countryside called Clitheroe and I’m a sexy cyber supermodel from outer space. 

How would you sum up your drag in three words? 

Drop dead gorgeous!  

How would you describe your drag look? 

My drag look is Anna Faris in The House Bunny mixed with Megan Fox in Jennifer’s Body thrown into the adult sized body of a Bratz doll, who has crashed landed down from Doja Cat’s Planet Her.  

I am literally the embodiment of contemporary British drag. My look isn’t just beauty pageant glamour. I ‘m so much more than sequins and tight gowns. I’m a fully conceived concept from head to toe. 

What could you expect to see at a Sminty Drop show?

You are going to see stunning looks, you’ll see a gorgeous face and lots of hair. I love a good time and I know how to entertain a crowd! 

How long have you been doing drag for?

I’ve been doing drag for about three years now. There was a year before then but I count that as a trial run so it doesn’t count! 

What would you say been your career highlight thus far? 

I had a good 8.3 seconds in the new Duran Duran music video. That was pretty good. My mum says they’re really big!  

Where does your drag name come from? 

The name Sminty Drop comes from me being a on a night out and wanting to kiss some boys so I would always take some mints with me just in case! But, I’m also a very clumsy girl so I would always drop said mints on the floor so… Sminty Drop I became! 

Why drag? 

Drag gives me the power to draw something on a piece of paper and make that drawing come to life ! That is literally what I love.  

Now you’re friends with Gothy Kendoll from Series 1. Did she give you any words of wisdom?

Yes, I’m in the house of Gothy Kendoll and she said that if I go home first, I’ll be doing the dishes for a month when I get back so that won’t be happening! I will be getting into the top three in that case – thank you! 

Should the other queens be worried about you? 

These Queens should be very worried about me. I’m not just a pretty face and body-ody-ody baby! I’m going to take that crown because I’ve got exactly what it takes to get it! I will slice, dice and chop up the runway in my nine inch heels and when I unpack my bags the other queens will wonder, ‘Oh god, should I just send myself home now?’ and I say ‘yes, yes you should!’ 

How does it feel to be a Ru Girl?

I feel overwhelmed with happiness. I can’t stop smiling. I can’t believe I’m here but it feels correct!  This is my fantasy. This is everything!

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