Everything I Know About Love | Interview with Emma Appleton (Maggie)

Tell us who you play and describe your character. 

I play Maggie, who is based on Dolly. She’s mischievous, playful and lively. It’s with good intentions, and she’s the most nuanced (real) character I’ve ever come across.

What were your thoughts when you first read the book?

I first read the book in the second lockdown and my initial thoughts were just how relatable it was and how funny it was. I kept sending pictures of the text to my friends. Some sections of the book really resonated with me, for some reason the recipes really stood out. I think it’s because they are solid recipes you can’t go wrong with!

What did you learn from the story?

What I’ve learned from the story is how many different kinds of love there are. I think we think that romantic love is the number one thing in our life, when actually there are so many other aspects that are as important. So it’s not just romantic love, it’s the love for your friends and your family and the love that you have for yourself. Plus how important all those relationships are equally, rather than one of them being a priority.

There’s such a great dynamic between the four friends. Can you describe those dynamics?

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I think it’s interesting as Maggie and Amara are very similar and I think that’s why they clash a bit. Nell gets really annoyed with Maggie but I think she plays up to that. They all know what each other is doing and I think they really love each other for it. But they are all slightly different.

What was it like working with all the girls and with Dolly?

Every time we were on set or off set we hung out learning dance routines. It was just the best fun. Working with Dolly was incredible and having her there on set was so important because I wanted to be as respectful and passionate about the fact that it’s based on her life.

What was it like working with China?

A dream. I was lucky as I’d worked with her before. She just cared about the project so much. She understood the nuance and complexity of the characters.

Has filming the series triggered any memories from that time?

More so were the scenes that we shot from 2007. The clothes were so specific and they were the most nostalgic bit. The tights with denim shorts over the top and the hoodies. Very specific fashion choices that were nice to re-live!

What was in your bedroom in 2012?

I remember a lava lamp. I had one of those for a long time!

Were there any particular moments of the shoot that stood out to you?

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One particular scene that we shot, we were dancing pretty much the whole morning. Basically clubbing for work which was really fun! Really good music, lots of strobe lighting which was quite intense at 9am but so much fun.

What can audiences expect?

To laugh and some tears. They will want to go out with their friends and have dinner – just do all of the things you see in the show.

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