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Everything I Know About Love | Interview with Marli Siu (Nell)



Can you describe your character?

In the script, Nell came across as very witty, articulate and funny, with a lot of one-liners. In a lot of scripts, they are usually reserved for the male characters but in this, I think she has some of the best! Dolly had included a really detailed description of Nell and so much that I hadn’t played before so I was really excited!

Do you see yourself in the character at all?

She’s much more articulate than me and wittier! She’s not a people pleaser which is something I really admire in her. I guess we’re similar in the sense that we have a deep sense of fairness which I think I feel too. Also, probably being a little too blunt and honest to my nearest and dearest.

Where does your character sit with the other girls?

She’s the more responsible and practical one. She’s the voice of reason sometimes!

What do you love about this project?

Everything. The script is incredible and Dolly writes dialogue and characters so realistically and naturally. Working with the other girls, the most incredible actresses, is an absolute godsend of a job.

Have you had any similar life experiences in terms of living with a group of friends?

I had a really similar experience where me and my best mate moved to London together and moved into a house in Walthamstow. There was damp all over the place and the shower was broken. Also, there were no windows in some of the bedrooms. But I was so excited to be there and, even if things were bad, I had my best mate and she would leave peanut butter cups outside my room on bad days. It was the experience of not having much else but your best mate.

What has it been like working with Dolly?

She’s amazing and has set up a very open relationship with us. Dolly’s such a natural collaborator and was always on set so I think we all kind of gravitate towards her.

How has it been shooting between London and Manchester?

It shakes things up working between new environments! I found the London week pretty exciting as it was so iconic – shooting in Camden and then a pinch me moment on the Southbank with the London Eye behind you.

Had you read the book before?

I got told to read it by multiple friends when it came out. I usually read more fiction novels. It turned out to be the first book I read in lockdown and I read it in two days. It was such a nice few days in such a horrible time. Everyone was sitting at home thinking about their lives so it was magical as I was reading it during such a reflective time. It feels like Dolly is speaking to you when you read her book.

Does it make you feel nostalgic, revisiting 2012?

Absolutely! I think music is a huge one, when you hear a song and you’re like wow I remember what I was doing then. The clothes as well, I never want to wear shorts and tights again. It doesn’t feel that long ago but why did we wear such weird things? That’s such a flashback.

What audiences do you think this show will appeal to?

Anyone who’s figuring things out. There’s lots of nostalgia for millennials. But I think there’s a little bit for everyone in there.

What do you think audiences will take away from this series?

There’s a lot of laughter and love but also a lot of heartbreak. Have a laugh, have a cry. Call your friends.

What three emojis would summarise the series?

The dancing girl, the laughing face and the red love heart!

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