Here We Go | Interview with Katherine Parkinson (Rachel)



You’ve played so many brilliant characters throughout your career, what drew you to Rachel?

I already knew what a great writer Tom Basden was, so that’s what drew me to the project initially.

There are some real laugh-out-loud moment this series, what was your favourite scene to shoot?

I have lots of favourite scenes – the paddling pool day was lovely because production kept the water nice and warm and the sun was out – I also enjoyed the Italian restaurant day because I’m a big fan of being seated, and Will the director was very kind in accommodating that whenever possible – and I enjoyed the scenes with dogs. The cast were all so lovely and funny that the whole thing was easy – I am grateful to Jim Howick especially for making us all laugh.

You can tell there is a real love and affection between Rachel and Paul in the moments that Sam captures slightly off camera – do you think their marriage is relatable?

I think Paul and Rachel love each other very much but their marriage is not perfect and that is very relatable. I did find myself getting a bit frustrated with Paul – and feeling sorry for Rachel! – but his heart is in the right place.

What was your favourite episode and why?

I enjoyed all the episodes, but it was nice to get to show off my Italian, I think everyone was really impressed.

What were your first impressions of the scripts?

The scripts were some of the best I’ve ever read, so I knew that we just had to deliver them.

Do you share any similarities with Rachel, that you have bought to the series?

I am I fear more like Paul than Rachel in my marriage – Rachel is more stoic and lusty than me, but I share her rage.

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