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Hungry For It | Interview with Stacey Dooley



Can you tell us about how you got involved – what was it that attracted you to this project?

I really like the premise and the emphasis placed on genuine contributors. They really do have a passion for food and we learn a lot about them and their heritage. It also feels slightly newer than some of the other food shows that are on the scene.

What was it like working alongside Big Zuu and Kayla? Can you tell us a bit about the dynamic between the three of you?

We got really lucky because straight away the three of us got on brilliantly. That might sound a bit cheesy, but I just think the world of Big Zuu, he’s a total sweetheart, and I think Kay is so impressive. They are long days when you’re filming and it can be intense at times, but we spent half the time just causing chaos, laughing and singing. I could not think of two better people to have made Hungry For It with.

You got to spend time with the contestants and see them progress through the competition – how did you find that experience?

That’s the lovely thing about my role – I clearly know nothing about food, which becomes painfully apparent from the moment you tune in! So I left all of that to Chef Kay and Big Zuu. I was there to make sure our cooks felt listened to and that they could let off a bit of steam if they needed to. There are times where they’re cooking for a 100 people and these are genuine paying customers. So there were moments where I’m sure they felt really stressed and really up against it. It’s my job to make sure that they feel comfy enough to be able to talk us through what they are thinking, what they are feeling and ultimately how they are planning to get through their service.

If you’re in the kitchen – what’s your signature dish?

I’ve only got one dish – and it’s not what you’d imagine because it’s quite a tricky dish. Considering I can’t cook it’s sort of a bit odd that I can nail this… it’s a Sunday roast. Although I do buy the chicken in the bag. Failing that… crumpets!

If you could only choose on meal to have for the rest of your days, what would it be?!

Sushi – more specifically, spicy tuna.

What do you think will make this series stand out from other cooking shows?

I truly believe that our USP is our authenticity. I think our cooks are authentically themselves – I think that what they are cooking for us they genuinely cook in their kitchens and how they chat to us is how they genuinely chat to their pals. It’s the same with Zuu and Kay. The show is some really impressive young individuals showing us what they are capable of and what they hope to achieve going forward. I think it’s quite celebratory – it’s a vibe, I’m a fan!

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