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Inside Man | Interview with Dolly Wells (Janice Fife)



How would you describe Janice?

What’s complicated about Janice is what you see of her, your perception of who she really is might change. She’s in theory somebody with a very very strong moral code of ethics, she is a real advocator for the truth right from the beginning. So she’s sort of tough, she’s not immediately likeable, I like her *laughs* but she’s complicated.

If she was your maths tutor she might start to freak you out a bit. She’ll take over your house and make sure everybody is behaving how they should be behaving. She’s great because you think you should feel a certain way without giving too much away but then you think you should be rooting for her and yet you aren’t always.

How does her personality change over the series?

It’s not so much that her character changes it’s what we perceive. So at the beginning you see her, you feel like she’s a sort of cosy, homely maths tutor with no dependants and family and a bit of a loner and as the show goes on, you see that she is a little bit more than that, a bit more bite!

What attracted you to the project?

Well it’s so gripping, I suppose just the premise is such a good one. You’ve got this normal, cheery domestic situation and it suddenly just goes so quickly and it’s so wrong. What drew me to the project is that Steven is a brilliant writer, I can just remember reading it for the first time and just couldn’t stop and just talking to the pages like Oh my God! The excitement of it, he writes brilliant characters. It was Steven who I have already worked with before and had an amazing time. Just thought the script was unputdownable.

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