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Interview with Conleth Hill who plays Mendel Liebermann in Vienna Blood



Who is Mendel Liebermann?

Mendel Lieberman is the head of a Jewish household who moved from London to Vienna with his family. He loves Vienna, but is all too aware of the reputation, the family name and society’s judgement on people. His son’s choice to be a psychoanalyst rather than be part of the family business causes him some turmoil.

Where do we find Mendel in series two?

We are just getting over the scandal of my son getting into trouble in his hospital for treating a patient outside the hospital rules, but apart from that we are doing okay business wise. Max’s engagement has just been broken off to Clara, who was an old family friend, so there are things to be mended by Mendel!

Do you have anything in common with Mendel?

Love of family, I think… our age and sex and that’s about it. I’m Catholic, he’s Jewish. But I think the Jewish church is the mother church.

What are the Liebermanns like?

I couldn’t love them more. I’d be proud to have Charlene McKenna or Matthew Beard as my children and equally proud to have Amelia Bullmore as my wife. From day one we all had a great chemistry together and we just love those scenes, particularly when it’s the four of us.

How would you describe Vienna Blood?

This show is an amazing study of the first criminal profiling – practices that we take for granted now would have just been discovered. Freud is still my son’s teacher in the films, so it’s early in the life of criminology and criminal profiling. I also think there’s an amazing chemistry between Juergen and Mathew, who play Oskar and Max, and so I love watching it as well as being in it. Binge watch the whole six films when you get a chance!