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Interview with Shalom Brune-Franklin (Luci Miller) on The Tourist



How would you describe Luci in five words?

Self-assured, guarded, cheeky, resilient, and headstrong. Sarcastic as well, but that’s six!

What was your reaction to first reading the scripts?

I instantly felt attached to the scripts when I first read them. They’re just so interesting and mysterious and I wanted to know what happened to every single character – so I knew it was something exciting.

What attracted you to the role of Luci?

The thing that attracted me was the journey that she goes on. She has such a complex relationship with The Man, and I think that she is such an amazing character to play. She’s also so headstrong, interesting, and mysterious.

Can you tell us some of the main themes of the series?

What I get from this series is the main theme of identity and what makes us who we are. Are we our past? Can we change? It’s also a great mystery, and an epic cat-and-mouse chase!

Have you been able to get involved in the stunt sequences? What was that like?

It is really challenging and exciting and I love doing that side of this, all the stunts, because they’re things you don’t often get to do…like smack someone over the head with a laptop! I’ve also had a sawn-off shot gun and I got to be around an explosion…you don’t get to be around explosions every day!

The dark humour is subtle but a key part of the show – how do you balance those lighter moments amongst such intense scenes?

There are so many light, comedic moments in this, specifically at the most dramatic climaxes of the show. But Harry and Jack are so good at writing those moments in. They are so true to real life. Sometimes when you have the most intense arguments with someone, you naturally want to crack a joke or make someone laugh to alleviate those intense moments, and they’re so good at capturing that human instinct.

What has it been like working alongside Jamie Dornan and the rest of the incredible cast?

Everyone on this cast has been amazing to work with and everyone is very passionate about the project as well, which is exciting. Working with Jamie has been great, a lot of our scenes are together. We’ve both been given a treat with these two characters – they are the scenes you almost dream to be given, to explore this complex relationship between two people has been awesome.

What were some of your favourite scenes to shoot?

One of the first days of filming we had a 10-page scene – it’s really interesting because one person is trying to seek the truth and the other person is trying to hide it, and so it was very fun to play with that dynamic.

Filming the dust storm scene was great and very intense – it was a fun day, but perhaps a lot tougher for everyone else in the crew than it was for me, as I could hide in the truck bed!

What is it like working back in Australia?

I’ve loved working in Australia, I’m a three-hour flight from my family rather than 24 hours. I’ve never been to Southern Australia before either, so it has been a nice experience. We’ve shot in some incredible locations, the Flinders Ranges were unreal, seeing all the sunsets and sunrises.

Danielle Macdonald and I are the worst Australians ever because we don’t have Australian accents anymore because we have been living overseas… so the two Aussies had to have a dialect coach! I’d like to think I sound quite Australian now.