Love Island: Meet the Girls – Tanya Manhenga

Love Island Meet the Girls - Tanya Manhenga

Love Island returns to ITV2 on Monday 16 January and it’s time to meet the contestants. Tanya Manhenga is 22 and from Liverpool, she is a biomedical student and an influencer.

Why Love Island and why now?
I’m looking for a boyfriend and I think being in a Villa with lots of different people will help me work out who it is I may want.

What do you think you’ll bring to the Villa?
I’m super nice, but don’t let it fool you. I want to be friends with everyone but if you’re gonna be cheeky I’m the sort of person that will give it back. I will bring good vibes and good energy.

What’s your ‘elevator pitch’ for why someone should want to date you?
I’m very out there, spontaneous, fun and confident. I won’t be insecure about you chatting to other girls – but don’t try anything funny!

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Why would you say you’re single?
It might be trust issues. I don’t trust guys. Some want to get serious really quickly, but I don’t trust them enough, it’s all about trust.

How would friends/family describe you?
My mum would say I’m outgoing, friends would say I’m bubbly, flirty and too nice for my own good.

What gives you the ‘ick’?
Guys that don’t wear socks in the house. Why are your feet flapping all around the house? Guys have huge feet too, yuck. Also, guys in the bathtub with no bubbles, such an ick, no.

Do you fall in love quickly?
Yes, but I don’t show it to the guy, I keep my cards close to my chest. I could be in love but I will keep it to myself so he doesn’t know straight away.

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Tell us something not many people know about you?
I have Vitiligo, which is a skin pigmentation, you may not even notice it. It’s on my lip and I have a stripe on my hair. Not many people know that but I think it’s quite cute. I don’t care about covering it up all the time, I think it’s a vibe.

Who would you want to play you in a movie of your life?
Keke Palmer, she’s sassy and she’s just vibes – that’s me.

Who are your dream dinner party guests?
Stormzy, Anthony Joshua, Channing Tatum.

If money was no object, what would be your ideal first date?
Bora Bora; blue sea, luxury cabin, just vibes.

Love Island returns to ITV2 and ITVX on Monday 16 January 2023.

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