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Silent Witness: David Caves on cage fighting and the longevity of the show



David Caves plays Jack Hodgson in Silent Witness which is back on BBC One this week for it’s 18th Season. Here he tells us why the show is still as popular as ever and about Jack’s cage fighting skills.

What can we expect from Jack this series?
As ever, we can expect to find Jack getting embroiled in his work. Sometimes a little too embroiled. We’ve seen it before with him, that he can get too close at times and compromise his professionalism. But his heart is in the right place as it’s all for truth and justice.

Silent Witness is in its 18th series. Why do you think Silent Witness has such longevity as a show?
I think it’s the characters and the nature of their work. Morbid as it is, we are fascinated by death. We get a glimpse into what goes on behind the (crime) scenes and try to put the pieces of the puzzle together with the characters. Hopefully the main reason is the characters. People tune in to see what scrapes they get into.

Do we get to see more of Jack’s cage fighting?
Kind of. A cage fight does feature in one episode but it’s not Jacks. He is there though. It’s hard to fit the cage fighting in sometimes because it’s so specialised.

What have you found the most fun filming series 18?
It’s always the collaboration with the other actors that is the most fun. I enjoy working with ‘the team’ immensely.

Do you have a stand out episode that you’re looking forward to seeing?
I can never remember the titles but David Drurys episode was a blast to do. Great cast, good story and a bit of fisticuffs!

Jack has a bit of a tough guy reputation. Is there more action for him this series?
There is indeed. He’s on the receiving end of a few blows as well. I’d like to think he’s not all tough guy. We’ve seen him very vulnerable too. The fighting is just an outlet for the rigours of his job. Deep down, he’s a sensitive soul. It’s always about finding a balance.

What do audiences have to look forward to this series?
Thrills, spills, scares, laughs, cries, formidable forensicating, audacious autopsying, and much meddling!