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Strictly Come Dancing 2021 | Interview with Katie McGlynn



What made you want to take part this year?

Every year I watch Strictly Come Dancing and I just think that everyone has the time of the life doing it, so I’ve always wanted to do it. Secretly, I’ve always wanted to be a dancer. I’ve always admired dancers but I’ve just never had the time to get into it. I fell in love with acting when I was younger and that’s the road that I took, so I’m now living out a childhood dream!

I am well excited for the sequins, the glitz, the glamour and learning a new skill. I actually just want to learn how to dance because I haven’t got a clue!

What do you think will the biggest challenge that you’ll face?

I think the challenge that I’ll face is remembering all the steps and making it all look good! I can tell from watching Strictly in the past how much goes into it, the discipline in learning all the footwork and putting everything together in order to do a good performance.

Are any dances in particular you’re excited to learn and perform?

I’m excited to do the Paso Doble. I’m not saying I’m going to be good, but that’s always such a dramatic, passion driven dance, and you can really get your teeth into the characters in that, so I think that’d be really fun. All of the Latin dances look like so much fun so I think those would be my go-to dances, but they are really fast. I think my mind will be on it but I don’t know if my feet will catch up!

How do you feel about being ‘Strictly-fied’?

I’m so excited because day-to-day, I’m a bit of a tomboy. I like to be comfortable, but then, on a Saturday night with the girls, I love getting glammed up, so it’s just a dream come true. Every time I watch the show, I think that Halloween Week is mega. I love Halloween and I think that all of the costumes are just beautifully made and the whole production is just amazing. I also love a spray tan too!

Do you have any alumni or dances from previous series that are particular favourites of yours?

Louis Smith was amazing in his year. I thought that Lisa Riley, who is a friend of mine, smashed it when she did it too. Caroline Flack was just mega! Her showdance to ‘Angels’ by Robbie Williams was beautiful. Also, Bill Bailey’s Couple Choice was great. When I watched it, I thought to myself that he was going to win it as he was so good!

I also loved Catherine Tyldesley’s Charleston to Single Ladie. She is another friend of mine so I am a proper supporter of my friends! There are just so many iconic dances.

What has the reaction been like to you taking part in Strictly 2021? How have your family and friends reacted?

Everyone’s super excited for me and my friends can’t wait for me to get to get going because usually, the only time I dance is to make them laugh! I just mess around all the time and I’m not a serious dancer so this is going to be interesting!

Do you have any previous dance experience?

Not really. I did pantomimes when I was younger and I did the chorus performances. I also did The Greatest Dancer for Sport Relief, you only had two days to train but I had so much fun. I wasn’t the best but I just enjoyed it which made me really want to do Strictly.

What are you looking for in a dance partner?

I’m looking for somebody who is fun and up for a laugh. I want to work hard because I am a grafter, but at the end of the day I want to have some fun and I think that’s what we’re here for. I want to have a really nice, pleasant experience. So, someone who’s tall, who’s looking for a laugh and someone who can teach me some new moves! They’d also need a lot of patience too actually because I think I might be a bit slow in picking the dance moves up!

What are you doing to prepare for the show?

I’ve just been watching all the dances from previous years as much as I can. I’ve also been doing Zumba and I know it’s not the same but that’s just to try and get in the mindset of learning routines. I’ve also been training a lot with my personal trainer and he’s been brilliant, I’ve been doing a lot of cardio stuff with him. I’ve just been trying to get fit and eat well really!

Have you had any advice before taking part in the show? Have you spoken to anyone who has done it before?

All of my friends who have done the show have said to enjoy every second of it because it’s the time of your life. They’ve also said to try not to overthink it, not worry too much and to just enjoy it. All of them have said they’d do it again in a heartbeat. I get quite nervous thinking about it because it’s the fear of the unknown. As soon as I get on stage or do a performance, I love it but it’s the lead up which freaks me out so I’m going try and just enjoy it.

What do you think of your fellow contestants? Did you know any of them previously?

I’ve met Judi before, working on Stand Up To Cancer for charity, so I was chuffed when I saw she’d be doing Strictly. I think we’ve got a really nice group. Everybody seems genuinely really nice! It’s a really varied group, I love it! I think we’re all still going to get on like a house on fire this year.

Would you say you’re a competitive person? Are you in it to win the Glitterball Trophy?

I’m competitive with myself. Because I know I’m not a dancer, I’m not expecting anything miraculous to happen. But as long as I do my best, then I’ll be happy. Every week, I want to do things better than I did the week before, give 110% every week and hope for the best.

Obviously, I want to win. I’m sure everyone does. If anyone says they don’t, they’re lying!

A personal goal of mine would be to make the themed weeks because they’re my favourite. And then anything after that is a complete bonus to me. If I won it, I wouldn’t know what to do – I’d probably freak out!