Strictly Come Dancing 2022 | Meet Kym Marsh

What made you want to take part in this year show?

Well, it’s always been a little question for me over the last four or five years, it’s been on the cards and then not happened and I felt like this year was a good year for me. There’s lots personal reasons why but in terms of work, I’m probably the busiest I’ve ever been, and now I’ve taken this on at the same time, which is crazy!

My husband is in the army and he’s still based in this country at the moment, but there’s a chance that next year he’ll go away, so if I waited and did it next year, he might not be here to watch. Also my dad’s not very well and he would love to see me do the show and be able to come in and watch, so in order to make that happen it had to be this year.

What do you think will be your biggest challenge?

Everything! It’s not going to be easy for me for sure, even the live show element of it will be a challenge, because despite the fact that I do live TV every Monday, I still get nervous. Gethin thinks it’s hilarious but it’s something about being Kym on TV rather than playing a character, but I guess I’ll be able to act in in my dancing so I should be alright!

How would you feel about being Strictly-fied?

Oh, I can’t wait. I’m very excited. I’ve been told about spray tans, I’m not sure what Waterloo Road will think of me being sprayed every single week but they’ll just have to cope with it. I’m really looking forward to it and I think that’s one of the things about Strictly, apart from obviously the dancing and how wonderful that is, the glamour and the glitz of it all is always going to be something that people love and I’ll definitely enjoy that side of it

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Are there any memorable moments from previous series that stand out for you?

Obviously last year was a big year with Johannes and John, they were incredible and I think they made real history, they were fabulous! Some of the dance routines they did were just incredible with their strength and how they were just so connected on everything. I think they were probably my stand out couple from the last series.

Do you have any dance previous dance experience?

I did a bit when I was young but that was your typical ballet and tap stuff as a kid. I also went to a stage school for a year but I only did the basics really. Then during my time with Hear’Say, I found the dance element really hard, we did a tour and doing all the dance routines for that was tricky! The choreographer used to laugh at me because I would always say ‘I can’t do it’.

I was in Saturday Night Fever for six months in the West End, but I had a part that required little dancing, and that was kind of on purpose. So not loads of experience, a little bit, but not enough to count myself as a dancer.

How are you prepping for the show?

I was plagued with quite a lot of injuries last year, I’m someone who generally likes to go to the gym and this is probably the worst shape I’ve been in, in the last five years.

So my exercise regime has not been as good as it would normally be but I ran the Manchester 10k in May, so that was the beginning of my journey and then since I agreed to do this, I’ve been trying to get back in the gym. My husband’s great, he’s really helpful and helps me train quite a lot!

Do have you had any advice from anyone that’s done the show before?

Bits and bobs, people generally just saying how much they love it and to just enjoy it. When it was announced Catherine Tyldesley, and Gethin Jones said “Oh my God, you’re going to love it”.

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Do you know any of your fellow 2022 contestants?

I know Will Mellor, he’s a cheeky chap, I bet he’s got moves that we don’t know about! He’s going to be a Kelvin or something like that. Everyone loves Will, he’s ace.

I worked with Luke Goss on a movie so I’ve met Matt on a couple of occasions, and am looking forward to seeing him again. It will be good fun!

Do you have your eyes on the Glitterball?

Well, it would be lovely but I’ve got to be realistic about these things and think, is it a likelihood? Possibly not. It depends really, ask me that in a few weeks’ time and if I’m if I’m still here! It would be amazing and it would be fantastic thing to win, but being realistic, probably not.

Do you have a signature dance move at parties?

No, not really but my dad loves the Running Man!

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