The Rap Game UK | Q & A with Konan

What would you say about the calibre of acts you’ve had on the show in this series?

They’re all so talented, have their own individual stories, and their own individual sounds so it’s a really great cohort this year – everyone has brought something different to the table.

How would you say you, Krept and DJ Target have evolved as mentors from the first series to now?

In the process of series one to now, it’s helped to be in it to know and understand what works – knowing what the viewers are looking for and what entertains them, but also knowing what we’re looking for in a winner and how we can get the best out of these artists and guide them in the right direction. Just going through it the past three years, and the experience we’ve had has helped us evolve in this new series.

Was there a single point when you started filming that you realised this would be a great series?

Just by looking at the auditions, we knew this was going to be a great series: the artists this year, just in terms of watching their [audition] tapes, seeing how they attack the beats and their deliveries and style, straight off the jump we knew this was going to be hot. They were bringing a lot to the table because a lot of people applied for the chance.

The Rap Game UK is the only show of its kind at the moment that looks specifically at rap talent. Why should it be a staple on UK television?

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Representation is essential and the culture needs to be represented more on TV. Rap is, and has been, taking over the UK music scene for some time now – we’ve seen drill artists go to number one in the charts, so there’s definitely a space for it. The different sounds coming out of the UK all deserve the chance to be heard and highlighted.

What was your favourite challenge this year?

My favourite challenge this year was the clash – it always is – anything to do with banter I love. I find it so funny when they go head to head because you just never know what they’re going to say, plus its great to see what the artists are capable of. It’s always really friendly before we drop the clash, then as soon as we do the competition comes out – but always in a friendly way. You really don’t know who’s going to win and what they’re going to pull out of the bag.

What are you looking for in a winner this year?

Consistency. One good challenge isn’t enough. and just somebody that’s going to work hard and take advantage of this opportunity. I’ve seen people with so much potential whilst they’re on the show just not carry it on when they leave. I want someone that will put in the work, be self-sufficient, put themselves out there and keep consistent – dropping music, freestyles, anything. We want to see someone become a superstar from this platform.

There’s a surprise twist in this series, what do you think this new element is going to add to the show, and to the artists themselves?

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I think it adds a certain element of jeopardy, and just makes clear what they already know: no nobody is safe. There’s no sailing through, and you have to bring it 100 percent in order to succeed, but this is the game – and it’s the same in this competition as much as it is outside, you can’t coast through, you’ve always got to be ready because in the real world it’s way harder, and more ruthless.

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