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A Foreign Affair (1948, Marlene Dietrich, Jean Arthur)



Billy Wilder’s Oscar-nominated film stars Jean Arthur and Marlene Dietrich as chalk-and-cheese women in post-war Berlin with John Lund as the man caught between them. Arthur plays Phoebe West, an upright Congresswoman sent to report on the morale (and morality) of the troops.

Placed under the care of Captain John Pringle (Lund), she is amazed at the black market racketeering, the liaisons with the German women and in particular, the actions of nightclub singer Erika Von Schluetow (Dietrich). What she doesn’t know is that Erika is Pringle’s mistress. As West draws closer to the truth, Pringle must distract her and what better way than by declaring his undying love for her and hoping he can juggle the two women’s affections successfully.

USA | 116 minutes | 1948

Writers: Richard L. Breen, Charles Brackett, Billy Wilder, David Shaw, Robert Harari
Director: Billy Wilder

John Lund as Capitaine John Pringle
Millard Mitchell as Colonel Rufus Plummer
Boyd Davis as Giffin
Marlene Dietrich as Erika Von Schluetow
Jean Arthur as Congresswoman Phoebe Frost
Charles Meredith as Yandell
William Murphy as Joe
Peter von Zerneck as Hans Otto Birgel
Stanley Prager as Mike
Raymond Bond as Pennecot
Robert Malcolm as Kramer