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A Winter Getaway (Hallmark 2021, Nazneen Contractor, Brooks Darnell)



A Winter Getaway (Hallmark 2021

When an average guy is gifted a luxury trip, he is mistaken as a millionaire. But then, sparks fly with the lovely concierge. Will she feel the same way about him when she learns the truth?

CAST: Nazneen Contractor (Courtney), Brooks Darnell (Joe), Erik Athavale (Gabe), Daina Leitold (Dana), Stephanie Sy (Julie), Jacob Blair (Alan), Ryan Northcott (Brewery Owner), Vanessa Mitchell (Server), Mitra Lohrasb (Laura), Shafin Karim (Gary), Danic Muchnik (Sofie), Cliff Sumter (Chauffeur), Heath Vermette (Pilot), Dutchess Cayatano (Flight Attendant), Tom Soares (Hotel Manager), Andrew MacDonald-Smith (Sommelier), Daniel Yip (Maitre’d), Brenda Gorlick (Gallery Owner), Elena Howard-Scott (Cassie), Kevin Klassen (Chef Andre), Mariam Bernstein (Olga), Paul Essiembre (Paul), Tom Keenan (Curling Instructor), Jodi Kristjanson (Amy), Neil Shah (Alex), Sean Hoy (Dogsled Guide),

Director: Steven R. Monroe

CA, US / Hallmark / 84 minutes / 2021