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Aaron Loves Angela (Columbia 1975, Kevin Hooks, Irene Cara)



A take on the Romeo and Juliet story set in Harlem. A black man (Kevin Hooks) falls in love with a Puerto Rican woman (Cara). Against the threadbare background of the ghetto, the story is all the more poignant without the Shakespearean trappings. Early film appearance of Cara, who would go on to a singing career in “Fame” and singing the title track to “Flashdance” in the 1980s.

Director Gordon Parks, Jr., son of the famous African-American artist and filmmaker Gordon Parks, made his directorial debut with Superfly (1972).

production details
USA | Columbia | 99 minutes | 1975

Director: Gorden Parks Jr.
Producer: Robert J. Anderson
Original Story: Gerald Sanford
Director of Photography: Richard Kratina
Editor: William Anderson
Music: Jose Feliciano

Moses Gunn as Ike
Kevin Hooks as Aaron
Irene Cara as Angela
Robert Hooks as Beau
Leon Pinkney as Willie
Charles McGregor as Duke
José Feliciano
Norman Evans as Security Cop
Alex Stevens as Gino
Walt Frazier