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Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick (Paramount 1952, Alan Young, Dinah Shore)



Aaron Slick is in love with his neighbor, Josie, on the farm next door. When two big-city characters believe they’ve discovered oil on Josie’s property, they offer to buy her out for $20,000. She accepts and leaves for the big city, much to the chagrin of the smitten Aaron. Aaron discovers, however, that the city folks are up to no good and rushes to the metropolis.

Aaron Slick From Punkin Crick was the final feature film for Dinah Shore, who went on to a career in television, becoming the first woman to host her own variety show with 1957’s The Dinah Shore Chevy Show.

production details
USA | Paramount | 95 minutes | 1952

Director: Claude Binyon
Producers: William Perlberg, George Seaton
Director of Photography: Charles Lang Jr.
Editor: Archie Marshek
Music: Robert Emmett Dolan, Ray Evans, Jay Livingston
Script: Claude Binyon, Walter B. Hare

Alan Young as Aaron Slick
Dinah Shore as Josie Berry
Adele Jergens as Gladys
Minerva Urecal as Mrs. Peabody
Fritz Feld as Headwaiter
Martha Stewart as Soubrette
Veda Ann Borg as Girl in Red
Robert Merrill as Bill Merridew