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Above Suspicion (MGM 1943, Joan Crawford, Fred MacMurray)



On the eve of WWII, a newlywed couple (MacMurray and Crawford) about to embark on their honeymoon are suddenly given an important assignment by the British Secret Service. Despite a total lack of previous espionage experience, they accept a mission to obtain the top-secret plans for a magnetic mine. As they do their duty, the pair confronts shady characters, secret codes, assassins, complex clues, deadly traps?and Nazis. Based on the novel by Helen MacInnes.

Above Suspicion was Joan Crawford’s last film for MGM Studios; after being fired by Louis B. Mayer, who believed she was past her prime, she signed with Warners and won an Oscar for her performance in Mildred Pierce (1945).

production details
USA | MGM | 91 minutes | 1943

Director: Richard Thorpe
Producers: Leon Gordon, Victor Saville
Cinematography: Robert H. Planck
Editor: George Hively
Music: Bronislau Kaper
Script: Melville Baker, Patricia Coleman, Keith Winter
Production Design: Randall Duell
Costume Design: Gile Steele

Joan Crawford as Frances Myles
Fred MacMurray as Richard Myles
Conrad Veidt as Hassert Seidel
Basil Rathbone as Sig von Aschenhausen
Reginald Owen as Dr. Mespelbrunn
Richard Ainley as Peter Galt
Cecil Cunningham as Countess
Ann Shoemaker as Aunt Ellen
Sara Haden as Aunt Hattie
Felix Bressart as Mr. A. Werner
Bruce Lester as Thornley
Johanna Hofer as Frau Kleist
Lotte Palfi Andor as Ottilie
Irene Seidner as German Woman (uncredited)
Marcelle Corday as Paris Hotel Maid (uncredited)